Thrill seekers? Take advantage of the offers from Les Mimosas campsite!

Are you dreaming of an exceptional south France camping that will give you the opportunity to let off steam with family or friends? The former region of Languedoc-Roussillon is perfect to meet your expectations both because of its very well located campsites and thanks to the mild climate that prevails there. Count on the infrastructure and accommodation at "Les Mimosas" campsite to relax like you've never done before. The central Europark is also a great relaxation asset for its visitors.

Comfort in the heart of nature

Put your suitcases in the south France camping Les Mimosas and discover the radiant landscape that opens in Languedoc-Roussillon through the windows of your accommodation. There is a very good air quality due to the presence of different large trees. The very charming sunrises and the warm welcome of its inhabitants will also give you strong sensations. Set in the natural setting of the Canal du Midi, it is the ideal campsite for recharging your batteries. Also count on its proximity to the sea to make your outdoor swimming sessions a real success. You can also take the opportunity to indulge in water sports and the fine sand of its beaches will soothe you more during the walking sessions.

The aquatic area

The aquatic area of ​​this campsite in the south of France covers 4,000 m² and offers a large swimming pool used for swimming or water games. You can count on the quality of this fresh water for swimming as a couple, family or even friends. A paddling pool is also set up on site to allow toddlers to let off steam thanks to the various leisure accessories that are set up there. In addition, a very relaxing and well decorated slide is fitted out to complete your well-being in this heavenly place. Also note that several deckchairs are arranged in this aquatic complex and will allow you to stop for a moment in order to plunge into a state of deeper relaxation.

The comfort of accommodation

You will find different ranges of vacation rentals at this property. They are found for all kinds of visits, whether it is your romantic family vacation stay. Count on the cottages of this establishment to spend an unforgettable stay in very comfortable rooms. Very relaxing beds and a decoration in a thousand colors are complemented by the hygiene of the bathrooms and WC Hold, the Prestige Jacuzzi Premium model fitted out for two visitors is perfect for your honeymoon, for a weekend or even for one week stay. You can also count on the Luxe cottage for 4 to 6 people offering a covered terrace for your group of friends or your family. Also note that large families can also count on the VIP Tropical range. And if your family has a disabled person, you will have the option of the Handicapé Family cottage built for 4 to 6 travelers and offering a covered terrace.

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