Book a boat with a travel agency

Don't think that if you choose to travel by boat, you will be spared from Covid-19, it's just a way with a low rate of transmission of the virus. Except that to have a comfortable trip on a boat and to secure your stay, it is better to work with an agency.

How to travel by boat?

You have several options if you want to travel by boat. You can either rent a pleasure boat and be the skipper, or you can rent the boat with the skipper, or you can leave as an ordinary passenger on a cruise or ferry. For the formulas, various will be presented to you, either you commit to follow the itinerary covered by the agency, or you follow your own map and you respect the time of embarkation and disembarkation, or you accept the package proposed by the cruise. And for this boat trip, either you look for private ads on the sites that offer this, or you contact a travel agency. The difference between the two partners is the price, but the broker laurent lalague veolia can find a better option to that.

The rules of traveling by boat

The first rule is that you will have to commit to insurance regardless of your choice of railway company, even between individuals. Secondly, you should understand that this trip requires a moral preparation of the passengers that are going to come with you, because sometimes it is boring because it is long and you only see the water as a landscape. If you don't know how your child will react in the boat, try taking him/her for a ride on the village barge. As you know, a rambunctious child is a bit difficult to discipline on a boat. You don't need to carry heavy luggage on a trip, you can wear a bikini or shorts on the boat. Don't forget to check the weather, it has a big impact on this trip.

And finally, bring some cash with you, maybe you will find a floating merchant.


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