Be glamourous and rent a yacht charter

Set sail for the azure paradises. Aboard our yachts and luxury sailing yachts, you benefit from the impeccable logistics combined with the discreet service of bahamas yacht charter a reference in yacht charter and tailor-made sea leisure. Renting a yacht is everyone's dream! Prestige and luxury are at the rendezvous: powerful engine, good agility, and comfort on board, spacious cabins. With so much equipment, be certain that your cruise will be a success! The yacht is suitable for long journeys, especially from one continent to another. It is also an ally of shock for the nautical activities or the idleness. In a few words, the beautiful life in its pure state! So do not hesitate: Rent a yacht and the dream will come true! Welcome to a new era of private yacht travel. We have yachts available for rent in a wide variety of size, style and price whether it's a day yacht charter, or a weekly yacht charter. In some boat rental destinations, like the Mediterranean Sea it is very popular to hire a yacht for only one day or only a few hours.

Reasons for renting a yacht charter

A diversity of destinations

You can rent a luxury yachter in the best destinations in the world. Whether it's the paradisiacal islands of the Caribbean, the Italian Riviera, the Greek islands, the Balearic Islands or even more unlikely, but equally extraordinary destinations such as Southeast Asia, French Polynesia and the Caribbean. Australia, the world is offered to you on a silver platter.

Total Discretion

People prefer the tranquillity offered by a private yacht for a very special reason inaccessible to the paparazzi! Even if it is unlikely that you are tracked by a camera, the joy of finding your loved ones in your own cocoon with a crew to your care, aware of your desires and who will know how to answer, will be a pure happiness! Together, you will experience moments of incomparable quality.

Facilities and Activities

Everyone is considering their holidays in different ways and we are here to help you find the yacht charter that will fit your desires. The choices are endless. You want a boat equipped with a good range of water toys, with jet-ski to windsurfing through a range of equipment for thrills, just ask. You need a broadband internet connection and a desk to keep in touch with your business, it's possible. You are looking for a fitness stay with a gym and revitalizing treatments ... nothing simpler.

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